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In this blog category we focus on world number plate news, this focuses not only on private plates in the UK but all across the world, looking at the different rules and regulations in force in those countries as well as the different letter and number styles that are used.

The benefits of owning a private number plate

In recent weeks, the registration number KR15 HNA sold for an impressive £233,000 at a DVLA auction and, at the same event, the plate TR15 TAN sold for £25,000. This demonstrates that personalised number plates remain as popular as ever,

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  • 4th Jun, 2015

1 RR – The Ultimate Rolls Royce Number Plate?

New and exclusive at is the superb Rolls Royce Number Plate 1 RR. This is the ultimate registration for any Rolls Royce owner or dealer and this rare number plate is now for sale exclusively at For enquiries

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  • 19th May, 2015

New Tax Disc Law From 1st October 2014

The law is changing for vehicle tax discs, see below for the Q&A from the DVLA. 1. What are you doing? We are changing the law to get rid of the need to display a paper tax disc. Tax discs

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  • 22nd Jul, 2014

Number Plates Equal Classic Cars As Investments

The message is clear the world over, number plates can make great investments. Oven our friends down under have a soft spot for quality rare old number plates with a recent auction house publishing facts showing that their number plate

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  • 26th Feb, 2014

3 Million Offer For Number Plates!

Hisham Al-Beely is an Egyptian whose salary is a modest 4,000 per month. His earthly assets, again at modest levels, incorporate a vehicle worth only 12,000. But he’s worth a couple of million and is bothered constantly around the streets

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  • 30th Jan, 2014

Jersey Number Plate Selles For £65,000

A recent number plate auction in Jersey has brought in some high prices for personalised number plates. The auction featured JSY1 which was the highest value plate which attracted a top bid of £65,000.            

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  • 11th Dec, 2013

Tribute To Noel Woodall

It is always sad when someone passes away, but if they managed to lead a good and productive life and left a mark, then the news isn’t all bad. One man who made a business out of registration marks was

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  • 5th Dec, 2013

Q8 Number Plate For Auction

Personalised number plate ‘Q8’ is soon to go under the hammer at a special auction in Brisbane. The number plate auction will have more than 30 of Queensland’s most valuable number plates and for the first time, personalised plates, Queensland

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  • 18th Nov, 2013

Lucky Number 13 – It’s A Fact!

Car insurance companies have carried out research to find the luckiest and unluckiest number plate combinations. The results may surprise you. The current system of number plates has a two digit number to identify the period of registration, and Admiral

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  • 11th Nov, 2013