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The benefits of owning a private number plate

In recent weeks, the registration number KR15 HNA sold for an impressive £233,000 at a DVLA auction and, at the same event, the plate TR15 TAN sold for £25,000. This demonstrates that personalised number plates remain as popular as ever,

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  • 4th Jun, 2015

1 RR – The Ultimate Rolls Royce Number Plate?

New and exclusive at is the superb Rolls Royce Number Plate 1 RR. This is the ultimate registration for any Rolls Royce owner or dealer and this rare number plate is now for sale exclusively at For enquiries

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  • 19th May, 2015

New Tax Disc Law From 1st October 2014

The law is changing for vehicle tax discs, see below for the Q&A from the DVLA. 1. What are you doing? We are changing the law to get rid of the need to display a paper tax disc. Tax discs

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  • 22nd Jul, 2014

Number Plates Equal Classic Cars As Investments

The message is clear the world over, number plates can make great investments. Oven our friends down under have a soft spot for quality rare old number plates with a recent auction house publishing facts showing that their number plate

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  • 26th Feb, 2014

3 Million Offer For Number Plates!

Hisham Al-Beely is an Egyptian whose salary is a modest 4,000 per month. His earthly assets, again at modest levels, incorporate a vehicle worth only 12,000. But he’s worth a couple of million and is bothered constantly around the streets

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  • 30th Jan, 2014

Jersey Number Plate Selles For £65,000

A recent number plate auction in Jersey has brought in some high prices for personalised number plates. The auction featured JSY1 which was the highest value plate which attracted a top bid of £65,000.            

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  • 11th Dec, 2013

Tribute To Noel Woodall

It is always sad when someone passes away, but if they managed to lead a good and productive life and left a mark, then the news isn’t all bad. One man who made a business out of registration marks was

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  • 5th Dec, 2013

Q8 Number Plate For Auction

Personalised number plate ‘Q8’ is soon to go under the hammer at a special auction in Brisbane. The number plate auction will have more than 30 of Queensland’s most valuable number plates and for the first time, personalised plates, Queensland

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  • 18th Nov, 2013

Lucky Number 13 – It’s A Fact!

Car insurance companies have carried out research to find the luckiest and unluckiest number plate combinations. The results may surprise you. The current system of number plates has a two digit number to identify the period of registration, and Admiral

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  • 11th Nov, 2013