3 Million Offer For Number Plates!

Hisham Al-Beely is an Egyptian whose salary is a modest 4,000 per month. His earthly assets, again at modest levels, incorporate a vehicle worth only 12,000. But he’s worth a couple of million and is bothered constantly around the streets of his home town.

New Number Cherished Plates

All because of his number plates. It carries the initial registration numbers SSS 1 which he has been offered 3 million for.

Al-Beely’s 1998 model vehicle was handed to him as a present from a Saudi friend. “I received it as a present from the Saudi friend. Because the vehicle registration plate is distinct and different, I’m frequently stopped by Saudis, who request me to market my license plate. I had been initially offered 200,000 which figure has since leaped to 3 million,” he stated.

He used the vehicle for 3 years, but never expected it would be a supply of constant badgering. “I now keep the vehicle parked at home and have a taxi to operate to avert being stopped constantly, he stated.

Many Saudis who are curious about purchasing unique plates attend reg plate auctions looking for comninations like 8888, 9999, 9000, NNN 5 or ALB 6 (Arabic for heart). Others search for number plates which have three letters found in their wives’ names.