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Find out the latest news about Personalised Reg Plates when searching the Reg Plates blog. We will bring you any updates of DVLA announcements regarding private number plates, we will also explore the different number plate personalisations you can get on your car.

DVLA January Number Plate Auction Underway


The 2024 auction calendar has kicked off with a list of personalised and cherished number plates for sale. Regplates offer a bidding service for auction buyers so please get in touch if there is anything of interest. Here is the

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  • 12th Jan, 2024

New 24 Plates Released Today

The new series of 24 registrations have been released today. These include hundreds of words, names and initials combinations. This is a great opportunity to secure a personalised number plate for a family member, friend or a treat for yourself!

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  • 7th Nov, 2023

Personalised Number Plates in the UK

Personalised number plates have been a popular way for motorists to express themselves in the UK for many years. They can be used to show off your personality, interests, or simply to have a unique number plate that no one

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  • 4th Jul, 2023