D 5 Dubai Personalised Number Plate Sells For Dh33 Million!

dubai 5 number plate

Dubai number plate D5 has just sold at auction for Dh33 million!

“Dh50 million, Dh100 million, whatever the bidding would have reached, I would have bought it.”

One of many bidders at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) auction in Dubai, Sahni ended up paying Dh33 million for the exclusive personalised number plate.

“People were increasing the bids in their hundreds of thousands, I was raising the bids by Dh1 million,” the 44-year-old, 10-year Dubai resident said.

After a fierce bidding war between 16 wannabe owners, Sahni reined successful in the bid. But why was he so adamant to get his hands on the plate? “Because number 9 is my lucky number. D is the fourth letter in the alphabet and add that to 5, it makes 9.” Although he admitted it was a “tough bidding war”, he said he “had to win”.

He also paid Dh1 million for another number plate in the same sitting. All the money raised at the RTA auction will be going to charity, so if anyone can say they’ve done their bit for charity this weekend, he can.

But Sahni is no stranger to generosity. Just last year at a Shaikha Haya Charity Initiative, he successfully bid on plate number 9 – paying Dh24 million for the privilege.

Dubai plate number P 27 went for Dh2.14 million and Q 77 sold for Dh4.52 million. CEO of RSG International Group of companies, and close friend of Sahni, Jasjit Jaaj, said “This is such a generous move and celebratory news. This is not the first time he is giving to charity and it won’t be the last.”