Number Plates Equal Classic Cars As Investments

The message is clear the world over, number plates can make great investments. Oven our friends down under have a soft spot for quality rare old number plates with a recent auction house publishing facts showing that their number plate sales rivaled their classic car auctions providing substantial revenue and return.

NSW Number Plates As Investments

The Sydney auction is expected to see around $1.5 million made from a series of classic Australian number plates.

Bidding for the plates is expected to started at around $25,000 for the higher numbers, and closer to $100,000 for the more desireable low-number plates. Last year, the Shannons Sydney Classic Auction in February saw 19 classic plates take more than $1 million in total sales.

Auctions can be a great place to pick up a rare and unique number plate with some in the UK offered by the DVLA for the very first time as they were not issued to a vehicle when they were in circulation mostly due to the low number of vehicles on our roads in those days.