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In this blog category we focus on world number plate news, this focuses not only on private plates in the UK but all across the world, looking at the different rules and regulations in force in those countries as well as the different letter and number styles that are used.

Manx Number Plates For Sale IOM

Isle Of Man number plates including some featuring the word “Manx”, have so far raised over £300,000 which is to be spent on maintenance of the Island’s roads.                     The Department

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  • 23rd Sep, 2013

James Bond Number Plates – Siberias 007!

Siberias answer to James Bond 007 has come unstuck with local police for using ‘Q’ type technology with a number plate flipping device. The 47 year old Siberian driver had a button to the right side of his steering wheel

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  • 16th Sep, 2013

69 OO Number Plate Heads For The Rico Rally!

The superb number plate 69 OO is now on its way to join the Rico Rally which is a 6 day driving experience taking in Lyon, Route Napoleon, St Tropez / Monaco, Varese, Col de Turini, St Gottard Pass, Furka Pass,

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  • 26th Jun, 2013

January Auction Results – Top Sellers

The latest number plate auction has now closed with 1500 quality number plates passing through. The top three reg plates sold were: PA12 MAR at £23,100, CA11 UMS at £20,000 and 9 MRH at £17,200.         The

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  • 4th Feb, 2013

Number Plate Auction – January

The next personalised number plate auction is fast approaching. The next reg plate auction will see 1500 numbers go under the hammer with some reserves set at just £300!           Our dedicated auction staff will give

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  • 10th Jan, 2013

New Stock Reg Plates – DE13BSY & DO13BYS

Regplates have secured two superb new stock number plates: DE13 BSY for Debbie / Debbs and DO13 BYS for Dobbs / Dobsy. These superb plates are available for immediate purchase online or by telephone on 01482 627 628.

  • 4th Dec, 2012

TOT 7S – TOTTS New Number Plate In Stock

The Regplates team have bagged another quality plate with TOT 7S – ideal for a nursery or even Mr. Tott! The superb TOTTS number plate is priced at £2995 and is available for fast track transfer – perfect for a

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  • 26th Nov, 2012

Council Urged To Sell £50,000 Number Plate

The Midlothian council is under pressure to sell a valuable number plate SY0 that it owns and displays on the new ‘eco friendly’ official car. The super cost effective car seems to be at odds with the highly sought after

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  • 18th Oct, 2012