Category: World Number Plate News

In this blog category we focus on world number plate news, this focuses not only on private plates in the UK but all across the world, looking at the different rules and regulations in force in those countries as well as the different letter and number styles that are used.

Council Urged To Sell £50,000 Number Plate

The Midlothian council is under pressure to sell a valuable number plate SY0 that it owns and displays on the new ‘eco friendly’ official car. The super cost effective car seems to be at odds with the highly sought after

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  • 18th Oct, 2012

Australias Million Dollar Number Plate

A South Australia number plate is for sale and could fetch as much as $1 million. It’s one of the oldest ever to be sold at auction. It’s a high price to pay for the historic item, which displays “SA4”

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  • 5th Oct, 2012

September Number Plate Auction Raises £4 Million!

The September personalised number plate auction of 1500 previously unreleased number plates raised over £4 million! The top seller 100 O sold for over £71,000 with the same mystery buyer also spending £36,000 on 50 OOO. Regplates have two OO

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  • 11th Sep, 2012

Unsold Auction Lots Available – Limited Time!

For a very limited time, Regplates are offering the opportunity to buy unsold registration numbers at the current auction of personalised number plates. A full listing can be found on our main website at or by clicking the link

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  • 7th Sep, 2012