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In this blog category we focus on world number plate news, this focuses not only on private plates in the UK but all across the world, looking at the different rules and regulations in force in those countries as well as the different letter and number styles that are used.

Personalised Number Plates Changes For Texas

The white personalised number plate with black lettering features a star, a silhouette of Texas, and the “Lone Star State” slogan. Beyond the retro look, there are other distinguishing features, including a security addition. Two threads embedded in the plates,

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  • 6th Aug, 2012

DVLA Personalised Number Plate Auction September 2012

The lastest DVLA Auction is fast approaching with over 1200 previously unrealeased number plates to be launched onto the market. The three day number plate auction will run from 9am to 6.30pm over three consecutive days starting on September 6th

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  • 30th Jul, 2012

High Security Personalised Number Plates

High security personalised number plates project in Gurgaon and other districts, the Haryana government has tied up with a Delhi-based firm to provide logistics and manpower. The high-security number plates will be mandatory for all types of vehicles in the

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  • 5th Jul, 2012

Celebrity Number Plate Guide Now At!

If you are a number plate fan then you will love our new celebrity and famous number plate owner section at Lord Sugar star of ‘The Apprentice’ and hugely successful business man owns the registration AMS 1 which represents

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  • 19th Jun, 2012

Devil 666 Number Plate Banned

A personalised number plate containing 666 has been withdrawn to save causing offense. According to the agency’s rules, “a personal plate may not be designed if it causes offence or harm to anyone else.” “The number combination of 666 may

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  • 8th Jun, 2012