Personalised Number Plates Changes For Texas

The white personalised number plate with black lettering features a star, a silhouette of Texas, and the “Lone Star State” slogan.

Beyond the retro look, there are other distinguishing features, including a security addition. Two threads embedded in the plates, along with holograms already being used, will help law enforcement in determining whether the personalised number plates are legitimate.

The numbers on the plates are also bigger, and they have three letters followed by four numbers to help vehicle owners and law enforcement to remember the plate number better.

“The majority of the almost 22 million registered vehicles in Texas display the general-issue plate,” said Texas DMV Board Chairman Victor Vandergriff in a statement. “The Texas Classic plate design isn’t colorful like some of the specialty plates or the current general-issue plate, but it is a purposeful license plate that is supported by law enforcement.”

Counties were instructed to give out their full complement of general issue plates before assigning the new personalised number plates.