GG 300 – JFK Number Plates Sell For $100,000 (£65,000)

Some famous Washington D.C. number plates, which were on the limousine carrying John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie on the fateful day of his assassination on November 22, 1963, were sold at auction recently.

The asking price was $40,000, but the final sale price was $100,000. They sold to an anonymous Kennedy memorabilia collector. $80,000 went to the seller, Jane Walker, and $20,000 went to Heritage Auctions of Dallas, Texas as their auction fee.

JFK Number Plates GG 300

The number plates had been discarded when the Kennedy limousine was shipped back to Hess & Eisenhardt in Ohio to be refurbished, painted, and bullet-proofed. The bright yellow D.C. plates, stamped GG-300, were retrieved from the trash by the limo company owner, Mr. Ackerman, with the permission of the FBI agent in charge. They were then kept on Ackerman’s book shelf until the year 2000, when he gave them to his daughter Jane Walker just before he died.