Historic 1903 Registration C 5 Available at Regplates.com

C 5 personalised number plates at regplates.com

New in stock in at Regplates.com is the super rare and historic C 5 registration.

Issued in 1903 in West Yorkshire, it was originally attached to a Di Dion Bouton open wheel vehicle.

The UK’s car registration system boasts a rich history, with the first plates appearing in 1903. Among these early registrations, the single-digit “1 x 1” plates hold a special place.

These historic plates were issued by local authorities in the early 1900s. “A 1,” for instance, became the first issued in London. Obtaining a 1 x 1 wasn’t a simple first-come-first-served affair. In some cases, like “A 1,” a ballot system determined ownership, while others were issued sequentially.

Not all 1 x 1s were created equal. Plates issued with just a single number and single letter are particularly rare. Many 1 x 1s have been sold through auctions over the years, fetching hefty sums.

Today, these pioneering plates are highly sought-after collector’s items. Their historical significance and limited availability make them a symbol of automotive prestige.

Your chance to own a slice of motoring history with this lovely cherished number plate.

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