How To Buy a Private Number Plate?

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Thinking of making an investment, or purchasing a memorable birthday gift in the form of a custom personalised number plate? There’s a common misconception that the process of choosing, purchasing and installing a registration plate is overly complicated and time-consuming. In fact, the process couldn’t be much simpler, consisting of a few quick steps.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the process from start to finish, from choosing your plate to it arriving at your door.

How To Buy A Number Plate - Infographic

Choosing Your Custom Number Plate

Firstly, you need to decide what you’re purchasing the plate for. If you’re looking to purchase a personalised plate for a friend or loved one as a gift, it makes sense to go with their name or nickname. You can start by typing their name into our reg plate search. You’ll then see a list of available plates ordered by how close to your original search. You’ll find that plates with fewer characters, and those displaying popular names are more expensive and more obscure plates cost less. If you’re making an investment, you’ll want to pick a plate you believe will go up in value over the next several years.

Purchasing Your Chosen Plate

Once you’ve decided upon your reg plate, the process is simple. Up to a certain price range, you can complete the buying process entirely online through our easy purchasing form. All you’ll need is the name of the cars registered keeper and the registration number you’ll be replacing. More expensive plates will likely need to be handled over the phone – just leave us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you.

Receiving Your New Number Plate

The final steps are pretty simple – we’ll request your VC5 logbook and use it to update the road tax and MOT details of your car directly with the DVLA. We’ll then return your new VC5 along with your new number plate and that’s it!

Need help fitting your new private plate?

Then check out our video below on how to install a new number plate to your car.

How To Fit a Number Plate

Personalised number plates from Reg Plates

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