5 UV Sells For £51,000 At Recent DVLA AUction

5 UV number plate

Recently a number plate fan has invested a lump sum of his pension pot on purchasing the number plate 5 UV for £51,000 from the recent DVLA auction.

The sale price represents 25 per cent of his pension pot – and he has not yet plucked up the courage to tell his wife.

He said: “I could not believe it when the other bidder dropped out at £50,000. Every manufacturer – even Bentley, Porsche and Jaguar – has an SUV to sell and here was the perfect plate. I think it’s worth at least twice that if not more. It sounds a lot but looking at it logically it’s right trusting my many years of analysis, I’m worried about telling my wife but I think I can talk her round. I bought to sell it effectively, I would love to have it on a SUV but I haven’t got an SUV. It’s an investment rather than anything else.”

The 5 UV plate will be back on the market soon.