Buy a Private Number Plate as a Special Gift

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What do you buy for the person who has everything? Or for the person who loves something a little different, a little bold or a little glamorous? Some people are just inexplicably difficult to buy for – you trek round every shop in town and browse every website you can think of but there is still nothing obvious to buy that would suit their personality or interests.

Often, in these circumstances we end up going for something predictable and kind of boring. A mug, perhaps, or a nice tin of posh biscuits, or perhaps a dull gift voucher for a national chain of shops.

So if it’s gift giving time and the thought of smellies for the bathroom or a new pair of socks just doesn’t cut it, you need to think outside of the box for something that is unexpected or unpredictable… so how about considering a private number plate for your loved one or friend?

A personalised number plate is certainly a unique gift – quite literally! Whichever plate you choose is the only one of its kind. Each number plate registration is exclusive and nobody else in the country will be driving a car with it on. It can be kept indefinitely, even if the person you are giving it to doesn’t currently have a car to put it on, and it’s easy to transfer to their vehicle when they are ready to do so.

How to choose the right personalised number plate as a gift

A good place to start is to do a number plate search, including any words, initials, interests or names that are significant to the person you are buying a gift for. Fill out the search bar and see what the website has to offer that would be a good match.

Once you have identified some private car number plates that would be a good match for your friend or loved one, look at the price ranges and see what is within your budget. Remember that a registration plate can be a great investment, so you may want to spend a little more to get your gift recipient something that will be more likely to grow in value over time. What an incredible present that would be to give to somebody! A true investment!

Personalised car number plates for special occasions

It might be that you don’t want to buy a number plate that represents your gift recipient’s name, interests or initials. Instead, perhaps you are looking for something that is relevant to the date you are celebrating.

Maybe you are looking for a wedding anniversary gift… in this case, you may look for car registration plates that contain the word ‘love’, or ‘ruby’, or you find yourself seeking out plates that contain numbers related to your wedding date (for example 11 JLY or 14 MAR) or the number of years you have been married. This would be a really memorable keepsake for your partner, who would be reminded of your anniversary every time they drive their car. And they would never have an excuse for forgetting its date again!

Alternatively, you might be looking for a Mother’s Day gift or a Father’s Day gift. Car number plates with MUM or DAD within them may be incredibly popular, but they would be an amazingly special and cherished gift if you can find one within your price range. Other alternatives are to go with their names or initials, so use the same number plate search box as above to try and find a great match to really thank your parents for how much they have done for you throughout your life.

Personalised number plates as a gift for a special birthday

Is your sister turning 18 or your dad turning 70? Perhaps your partner’s 21st birthday is coming up and you want to find something really exceptional to make them feel special. As with the examples above, a personalised car number plate can be a really unique gift that you can be sure they won’t already own!

Look at their special age, or consider their names, hobbies, car make or model or their initials when you are looking at all the different registration plate options offered by websites such as

Other special gift occasions

Do you know somebody who is about to take their driving test? When they pass, can you imagine how grateful they would be for a personalised number plate to celebrate? What an incredible reward for their hard work and achievement! Plus, even if they don’t have their own car yet, they can keep the paperwork for the personalised registration plate and use it when they have bought a car of their own.

Valentine’s Day is another celebration where gift buying can get a little monotonous. How many fluffy teddy bears and boxes of pampering bath treats can one person really use in their lifetime? And while a bunch of flowers can be a beautiful and fragrant gift, it only lasts for a few days. A more long-term and meaningful alternative is to consider a Valentine’s Day personalised car registration plate.

Can you find a plate with L0V3 or H34RT within the numbers and letters? Or would you rather find a private plate that commemorates the year you met or your anniversary of getting together? Perhaps a combination of your names would be the most romantic option for your private number plate Valentine’s gift?

How to buy a car registration number as a gift

When you have researched and chosen the best car registration plate for your gift recipient, it is time to make the purchase. You will need to identify the recipient’s name (in a format that will match the log book of their vehicle – the V5C form), or you can put it in your own name until the gift recipient is ready to transfer the number plate to their own vehicle.

If you are buying a registration plate for somebody who does not currently have a vehicle, you can keep hold of the mark indefinitely on a retention certificate. Then there is no extra fee when it comes to assigning the registration number to a vehicle.