Month: August 2011

Britains Oldest Car Still On The Road!

Britain’s oldest car is still running like a champ after a whopping 107 years on the road, and can be seen on regular runs around Sherborne, Dorset. The car, a Wolseley 6, was built in 1904 and has just passed

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  • 31st Aug, 2011
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New Number Plate System Introduced In September

A massive overhaul of the vehicle registration fee structure is about to get under way. Beginning Sept. 1, more than 1,700 registration fee categories are reduced to nine weight classifications that create a more equitable, standardized and simpler registration fee

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  • 25th Aug, 2011

Car Registration Plate Prices Rise

CAR plate prices in Shanghai rose for the eighth consecutive month in August to 52,228 yuan (US$8,173). The average price for a license plate rose 1,054 yuan from July, Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co said yesterday. The lowest price rose

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  • 22nd Aug, 2011


Every year, about 300,000 cars are registered in Connecticut, so it might come as no surprise that state is running out of number and letter combinations for the marker plate alphanumeric scheme now in effect. The passenger car plate number and

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  • 18th Aug, 2011

shortage of number plates in Kano

Kano State Governor Musa Kwankwaso yesterday bemoaned the dearth of vehicle number plates in the state. Kwankwaso spoke when he visited the Corps Marshal and Chief Executive of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Osita Chidoka in Abuja. He sought

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  • 17th Aug, 2011

What you need to know about bike and car registration

To register your car, it’s actually pretty simple. Students must first log on to their AccessPlus account. Easy enough? Next, they have to click on the “Student” tab and select the Parking Division tab, which is toward the bottom-left side of

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  • 16th Aug, 2011

Sellers Now Have High Security Number Plates

Technical snags at the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA) office in the past three days have added to their woes. According to sources in the registration and licensing authority, since the August 1 launch, the authority has registered over 500

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  • 8th Aug, 2011

Number Plates Too Fancy For Some!

Following complaints from across the state, the transport department told all vehicle owners to replace fancy registration number plates with regular ones. If number plates are notchanged by August 31 within the 30-day deadline, the vehicle’s registration certificate will be

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  • 2nd Aug, 2011