Sellers Now Have High Security Number Plates

Technical snags at the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA) office in the past three days have added to their woes.

According to sources in the registration and licensing authority, since the August 1 launch, the authority has registered over 500 new vehicles under the scheme. Over 100 old vehicle owners have applied to the authority to get new HSRPs.

Consequently, residents have been forced to wait for a week to 10 days to get the numberplates from these vendors.
One shop of an HSRP vendor has been opened in ISBT Sector-17, while another one is operating from Industrial Area Phase-I.

Criticizing the way the HSRP scheme was launched, PC Sangi, chairman of Federation of Sectors’ Welfare Association of Chandigarh, said, “It is surprising that the UT administration has been so keen to launch the scheme in a haphazard manner. I wonder why it did not solicit bids for these HSRPs for provision of the numberplates to public at lower rates.”