New Number Plate System Introduced In September

A massive overhaul of the vehicle registration fee structure is about to get under way.

Beginning Sept. 1, more than 1,700 registration fee categories are reduced to nine weight classifications that create a more equitable, standardized and simpler registration fee system.

These changes impact what Camp County residents will pay to register cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, motor homes (RVs) and trailers, including travel trailers. Because registration is paid forward, car owners with registrations that end in August are already seeing the new fees on their renewal notices.

Some fees will be completely eliminated, and some residents will see a cost reduction.

Some benefits include:

A fixed fee means you’ll always know what you owe.

Weight classifications make the fees more equitable for everyone because what you pay is based on how much impact your vehicle has on Texas’ roads.

Vehicle dealers can accurately calculate registration fees for customers.

Trucking companies can better determine their own registration costs.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will no longer have to spend tax dollars to maintain and program the complex fee structure in its database.

Freeing up resources at our tax offices so representatives have more time to spend with you.

The 30-cent reflectorization fee has been eliminated.

The $5 license plate transfer fee, the fee for transferring your license plate to another vehicle has been eliminated.

The new law standardizes the license plate replacement fee at $6, and does away with the fee for classic, cotton, forestry, volunteer firefighter, tow truck and radio operator license plates.

Camp County residents who own trailers under 6,000 pounds will be pleased to know that the 75 registration fee categories for trailers are reduced to a fixed annual cost of $45. And, this includes travel trailers.

County fees may still vary throughout the state because they are set by our commissioners. In Camp County, vehicle registrants pay a $10 road and bridge fee and a 50-cent safety fee.

“We’re glad to help all of our customers, but we also know most Texans would prefer to handle it themselves,” said Gale Burns, the Camp County tax assessor-collector. “The new, simplified structure is going to help everyone do just that. For those of you who need our in-office assistance, we’re always here for you.”