Is it worth getting a private reg plate?

As private reg plates are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable, many ask if it is worth it. Of course, we see celebrities with custom plates all the time. Still, it is easier for anyone to pick on up online, with a fairly standard process to get it correctly registered to your vehicle. Below, we cover the many benefits of choosing a personalised registration plate and what you might need during your buying, application and transfer process.

What are the benefits of a private reg plate?

Many more people are looking into buying personalised registration plates now more than ever. This is because they are relatively easy to access and offer a wide range of reasonable margins. You can see more about the benefits of personalised registration plates here:

Private reg plates are a good investment – Over time, private reg plates increase in value, so much so that more investment goes into personalised reg plates than ISAs, TESSAs and bonds.

You can disguise the age of your car – When you buy a personal reg, it does not need to contain a date, so it is easier to conceal the age of your vehicle. Of course, you may not modify the appearance, but you can at least put viewers off the scent for a little while.

You won’t forget your registration – Whether you’re checking into a hotel or filling in essential documents, you won’t need to take a photo of your reg and save it to your phone again. Likewise, you are unlikely to forget a personalised plate as you are most likely to have chosen something meaningful.

It’s a unique accessory – Few gifts and accessories allow you to make a return on investment when you cash them in a few years later. A personal registration plate is 100% unique to you, and whether you are getting one for yourself or giving it as a gift, it is sure to leave an impression and allow someone the ability to express who they are when driving.

Personal registration plates set you apart in a crowd or among your friends, but choosing wisely is essential as your plate will remain with you until you sell it.

What are the considerations before buying a private reg plate?

Are you still interested in buying a personalised registration plate? We have outlined some key things you need to consider before making the swap. It can be a big task to find the right plate for you, and even after you have found the right combination of letters and numbers, there can be some confusing forms and requirements to get through.

  • You cannot put on personalised number plates an old car, and the vehicle must be an appropriate age.
  • The car must be registered or soon registered in the UK and taxed or declared SORN.
  • It must also be a car requiring an MOT or Goods Vehicle Test.
  • You will need proof of your name and address and the V5 documentation for your vehicle.
  • Your car must have an MOT certificate, tax expiry details, and a guarantee that you can use the V750 form.

Once you have all this information, complete the order, and everything has gone through, you will have an £80 transfer fee. The £80 transfer fee requires valid road tax and an MOT, but we can help you with the DVLA Transfer and Retention Scheme application. Then, annually you will have a £25 renewal fee.

Is buying a private reg plate difficult?

With Regplates, buying a personalised reg plate couldn’t be easier. We are a trusted supplier of personalised number plates and are industry recognised and approved by the DVLA.

We have covered most of the critical things to consider when buying a personalised licence plate and some of the many benefits of owning one. Purchasing a personalised number plate has several quirks, but remember, it doesn’t have to be for you. You can always buy a plate as a gift as there is no rush for the plate to be added to the vehicle immediately.

If you want to know more about buying a personalised number plate or have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Even if you are ready to buy your personalised number plate, contact us to get you started, and we can make the process as easy as possible.