What if My Car is Stolen?

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When you have a personalised licence plate, there are concerns about what happens to that plate if your vehicle is stolen. Personalised licence plates are an investment, so it is natural to be concerned about what happens to them if your vehicle is stolen. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered after a year, you can apply to have this registration number changed and assigned to your new, replacement vehicle, however of course certain conditions and requirements must be met to ensure the legality of the reassignment.

To ensure you are applicable for the change, the theft of your vehicle must have been notified to the police and recorded at the DVLA as stolen for not less than 12 months. There are many things involved when a vehicle has been stolen to begin with, so the added pressure of looking after you reinvested personalised licence plate can seem daunting. However, there are people around to help. At the time of your vehicle being stolen, it must have a current test pass certificate and have had a current vehicle excise License, also known as a tax disc.

Your insurers will also need to provide a letter to the DVLA, confirming there is no objection to the personalised number plate reissued. This letter needs to be provided to ensure that once the insurers have settled your claim, they have a rightful claim to the vehicle if it does ever become recovered. This process should ensure that you are able to transfer your personalised licence plate to your new or replacement vehicle, however, always seek advice from your insurer and the DVLA.