Tips for First-time Classic Car Owners

Here at we don’t really have a “typical customer”. Thanks to personalised registration plates being suitable for all kinds of vehicles and making an affordable gift for any occasion, we supply them to people across the UK and from all walks of life. One day it might be a business owner looking to add some flair to her company car, and the next it’s a proud dad who simply wants to give his child a fantastic present for their 18th birthday.

However, one type of customer we supply to regularly is the classic car enthusiast. These are people who whose main passion is the collecting, restoring and selling of classic vehicles. Having spent countless hours giving their vintage motor the TLC it deserves, a customised reg plate is the finishing touch that makes all the difference.

We love classic car owners, so we’ve put together a few tips for those who are just about to embark on a hugely fulfilling journey.  

Choose the right vehicle

This might sound obvious, yet many people buy a classic car that they think suits their needs yet soon ends up causing disappointment. The key is to buy one that fits your style and is also practical, taking into account factors such as size and condition. It should be within your budget but refrain from buying one simply because it’s a bargain, as it could require way more restoration work than you’re willing to carry out.

Take your time choosing a classic car – do your research, never allow yourself to be pressured into a sale, and pick one that feels 100% right.

You’ll benefit from a garage

So many people purchase their first classic car and think that a driveway, small plot of land or even a public street is a good place to store it. Put simply, if the car is in need of restoration and repair, you’re going to need space. Even if it’s in top form, you have to keep it safe from the weather, criminals, passers-by and anything else that might pose a risk to its safety.

A large garage will also ensure that you have room to tinker with your prized possession on a rainy afternoon, which is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding pastime.

Join a club

Find a relevant owners’ club and join it right away. This will give you access to resources that can include anything from newsletters to video tutorials, plus there will be events where you can meet likeminded people and soak up their knowledge.

Classic car owners tend to be very helpful people, so newbies may be surprised by just how eager older members are to offer advice and support. Being a club member can also give you access to spare parts at very affordable prices, which pays for itself.

Expect the unexpected

Classic cars can come with surprises, some of which may completely baffle you. This is part of the experience, as fixing it either yourself or with the assistance of a fellow classic car owner can be great fun and help you to enhance your mechanical skills.   

Learn the history of your car

By their very nature, classic cars have a story to tell. Learning about the model’s manufacturer, production history and discontinuation can be truly fascinating, plus if you have the option to explore your own car’s story we highly recommend it. It’s amazing how many interesting tales can come with a single car, especially when it was loved by previous owners and taken out on the road on a regular basis.

Speaking of roads…

Again, this might be an obvious one, but make sure to drive your classic car. There are actually lots of owners who simply don’t do this, instead putting it on display like the Ferrari 250GT California in Ferris Buller’s Day Off (what a waste).

Cars are made for driving. As long as yours is safe and performs well, we suggest taking it for a spin as often as possible. After all, you want other people to see it and it deserves to be seen!

Get your personalised reg plate

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