We’re a Leading Supplier of Personalised Registration Plates

The team here at RegPlates.com has been helping customers to buy private number plates since 1991. Back then, the Ford Fiesta retained the title of Britain’s bestselling car for the second year running, following a revamp two years earlier that brought it back to the public’s attention.

Depending on your taste in TV shows and films, in 1991 you may have seen memorable wheels the likes of the Acura Legend (Beverley Hills, 90210), the Geo Prizm (Seinfeld) and the Pontiac Banshee IV (in the rather forgettable movie Knight Rider 2000). What a time to be alive!

Almost thirty years of growth

Since then, we’ve continued to grow our business to become a leading supplier of personalised registration plates, selling to celebrities and sports personalities as well as everyday car lovers. We’re passionate about what we do and invite you to be part of our journey by exploring a huge range of private number plates, which are perfect as a gift or simply to upgrade your own motor.

We handle everything for you

When you use RegPlates.com, you can rest assured that all of the admin is removed from the process. Our team of highly trained personalised number plate specialists handle all of the paperwork, including the V5C, tax and MOT records. We also offer useful advice in no-nonsense language, as we want you to enjoy your private registration plate as soon as possible.

Sell your plates through us

If you’re looking to sell a personalised number plate, we have a dedicated valuations department ready to help. They’ll provide you with an accurate market value for the plate by post or email and explain how the process works. Many of our customers are very happily surprised by how much they can get for an old plate that they no longer need.

We’re DVLA Registered

It’s crucial that you buy and sell private number plates through a professional company, so you’ll be pleased to hear that RegPlates.com is a DVLA Recognised Reseller and a DVLA Registered Number Plate Supplier, working in line with all DVLA and MOT regulations. There’s nothing worse than doing business with a company only to encounter problems due to ineligibility, but with RegPlates.com you can rest assured that everything is above board, compliant and handled professionally from start to finish.

Confidentiality is key

We’re also registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), so all of your personal information remains safe when you buy and sell private number plates through us.

Our customers love our service

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, but we have an ‘Excellent’ rating on TrustPilot, five out of five stars on Review Centre and fantastic feedback on our eBay store. This reflects our commitment to delivering the highest quality of service to every single customer. We believe that finding a personalised number plate should be not just a smooth process, but also an enjoyable experience.

Get your personalised reg plate

Ready to explore our huge range of private registration plates? Try a number plate search today and find one that perfectly suits your lifestyle.