Live Your Post-Lockdown Life in Style

It’s been a difficult few months for everyone due to the lockdown, with many people working from home and even small staycations put on hold. Now that the measures are starting to loosen, most of us are getting out on the road again, so why not do it in style?

Millions of options available

We specialise in supplying drivers around the UK with personalised number plates to spruce up their motors. With over 45 million combinations available, you’re guaranteed to find one that reflects your taste.

All you have to do is use our Private Number Plate Search, which allows you to view options that are focused around a keyword, such as your first name, surname, your favourite sport, anything you like. Alternatively, you can be really specific and create your own plate or find out when the next number plate auction is taking place.

Below are some of the top reasons our customers love buying personalised registration plates. Why not join them and treat yourself to something luxurious yet affordable?

Customise your driving experience

If you love your car, chances are you wash it regularly, keep it clean and tidy inside, maybe splash out on a hot wax – a regular routine that keeps it looking its best. But if you really want to add a special touch, a customised registration plate will make it stand out on a daily basis.

The gift that keeps on giving

Private number plates also make an excellent present for a friend or loved one, so bear us in mind if there’s a birthday or special occasion on the horizon. You can rest assured that your gift will be hugely appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come, putting you firmly in their good books.

Simply buy the plate in advance and assign the registration to any vehicle of your choice. Find out how to do this on the .gov website.

Advertise your business

As company owners return to their business premises, it’s time for them to put their brands in front of large audiences. Many entrepreneurs get their cars and vans branded with vinyl graphics that wrap all the way around, so a personalised number plate will complete the look.

If you’d rather keep your car looking natural, adding a customised plate is a lot more subtle yet still does a great job of promoting your business whilst you’re out and about.

Enjoy a trip to the beach

Whilst we all still have to be careful and maintain social distancing, the relaxing of the lockdown means that we’re free to go for leisurely drives.

What could be better than taking your wheels for a spin on a sunny day, all the while knowing that your customised plate is grabbing attention? Don’t worry, it’s okay to make other drivers jealous every now and then.

Grab your personalised reg plate today

We’re a DVLA Recognised Reseller and have over 25 years of experience in the buying and selling of private registration plates. Try a number plate search today and find one that perfectly suits your lifestyle.