Month: December 2013

Velvet Ferrari Anyone? Wrapped For Christmas?

The team are always on the lookout for interesting number plates on the streets and this Ferrari parked outside Harrods certainly fits that description! Not only does it have a great F1 number plate but it is also covered

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  • 23rd Dec, 2013

Jersey Number Plate Selles For £65,000

A recent number plate auction in Jersey has brought in some high prices for personalised number plates. The auction featured JSY1 which was the highest value plate which attracted a top bid of £65,000.            

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  • 11th Dec, 2013

Tribute To Noel Woodall

It is always sad when someone passes away, but if they managed to lead a good and productive life and left a mark, then the news isn’t all bad. One man who made a business out of registration marks was

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  • 5th Dec, 2013

Release of the 14 Series!

Release of the 14 Series! Today marks the release of the 14 series of numberplates. This offers a great new selection including ME14NYS, VO14NTE, AV14TOR and thousands more.                   You can search

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  • 4th Dec, 2013

CCK 1 – Mayoral Number Plate Up For Sale!

The number plate, CCK1, has been owned by the council since the 1930s but will soon be offered for sale with a healthy reserve set at £22,000!                   The auction will open

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  • 3rd Dec, 2013