CCK 1 – Mayoral Number Plate Up For Sale!

The number plate, CCK1, has been owned by the council since the 1930s but will soon be offered for sale with a healthy reserve set at £22,000!

Number Plate CCK 1










The auction will open today and run until December 20th so be quick if you fancy owning a piece of automotive history.

Councilor Martyn Rawlinson, cabinet member for resources, said: “People pay lots of money for personalised number plates and CCK1 is a very special plate.

“It’s a first edition, historic registration that has been owned by the Mayor of Preston since the 1930s – so it’s got all the history and tradition to go with it.

“We expect there will be a lot of interest from people wanting to own it.

“As a council, we can’t justify cutting services while the mayor drives round with a cherished number plate that’s worth many thousands of pounds.

“So, we’ve decided to sell the number plate and use the money raised to help balance our budgets.”

“In the age of austerity we have to be imaginative, creative and think outside the box to explore every possible way of raising money”

“Time has moved on now and most people don’t know that CCK has a Preston connection.

“They just think CCK is a set of initials like the vast majority of private number plates are.”

In the unlikely event that the registration plate fails to reach the reserve, it will not be sold and will be kept for use by the mayor.

Several other authorities have followed this path raising considerable amounts of money for the local government from the sale of personalised number plates.