Does Car Insurance Cover Number Plates?

When looking for the right car insurance policy, you’re likely to wonder what that policy covers. It may surprise you, but number plates are something which is seen as quite valuable. If you own a personalised number plate, it may have cost you hundreds or perhaps thousands. Even if you don’t own a personalised one, it can be worth a lot as the number can be used for criminal purposes. Consulting a price comparison website such as Money supermarket will give you a fair idea of what insurers cover.

An important part of any vehicle, a number plate is covered by some insurers, and getting a replacement in the event of theft will minimise the risk of fraud arising from it being stolen. Aside from number plates, what other often forgotten but still important parts of your car are covered by insurance policies?

Some car insurance policies cover items inside your car. Most people’s car interiors contain valuable items which can be stolen or damaged after electrical failure. Chief among them are car stereos: they can cost as much as £300 brand new, and are seen by thieves as being of great value. Most insurance policies cover stereo theft.

Any valuable items kept in the boot such as golf clubs, gifts for a special ceremony or any clothes kept in case of an emergency during the winter are usually covered. As for the exterior, any damage to windows, wing mirrors, the alarm system, wheels or even the paintwork is covered if you have proof that they were damaged by criminality or accident by another party.