Step By Step Guide To Fitting Private Number Plates

So you have purchased your dream personalised number plate (from of course!) and you have your new plates sitting looking at you and ready to fit. But how do you get them on without damaging them or your prized vehicle? Simple, follow our step by step guide and you will have them on in no time.

Private number pate acrylic plates are simple to fit on one of two ways.

1. Drill and Use self tapping screws.

2. Use adhesive pads.

We will look at the first method to start with, this is the most commonly used method of fitting number plates however you will need some tools to get the job done. You will need a drill and a sharp drill bit, a screwdriver and some self tapping screws and covers. You can of course use the screws that held your old number plates on but chances are that these are rusty and will spoil the look of your new plates.

Firstly, remove the covers and screws from your existing number plates and put them to one side as we will use these as a template.

Secondly, take your new number plate and place it face down on a flat surface (a piece of wood is perfect).

Then take the old plate and place it face down on top of your new number plate.

Carefully drill through the new plate from the rear using the hole in the old plate as a guide. Drill the second hols and then repeat for the other plate.

A full video showing this method is available by clicking below.

Regplates Guide To Number Plate Fitting

Method 2 uses self adhesive double sided pads to stick the number plates onto your vehicle. This has a couple of advantages in that you do not need to drill holes in your new plates which prolongs their life and makes yours easier, and it leaves the number plates looking smooth without nasty holes.

The method is simple, as above remove the old caps and screws with a screwdriver and keep the old plates to one side.

Secondly you will need to clean the area directly underneath where the old plates sat. A damp cloth usually does the trick for this.

Next give the reverse of the new plates a clean with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or grease.

Now apply your pads starting 1″ from each end and then use your remaining pads spaced equally in between.

Lastly line up the plate about 5cm away  from the vehicle to make sure is is horizontal and press firmly into place. Hold for a few seconds to make sure the pads have made good contact.

The pads will securely hold your number plates on without any visible signs of screws or nuts.