Tighten Up On Incorrect Personalised Number Plates

The Patna Police would launch a drive against vehicles not having number plates of proper size and type from January 15.

Patna Senior SP (SSP) Alok Kumar said that it had been found that two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four- wheelers were using ‘stylish’ number plates, which is a gross violation of the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act. Some people even write police, press and advocate on the number plates of their vehicles, which is also a violation of the Act.

The SSP said it has also been found that some number plates were written in a slanting and shining way while some had number plates resembling the shape of blades, which is also gross violation of the Motor Vehicle Act. The vehicle owners should get their number plates changed as per the rules before January 15. If they are caught with wrong number plates after January 15, they would be fined, he added.