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M Prefix – New Releases Today

Today sees the release of many previously unavailable M prefix number plates. This gives a great opportunity to secure your prefect plate with prices starting at £167 + VAT and transfer fees. Some examples of newly released plates are below:

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  • 10th Apr, 2018

February 2018 Personalised Number Plate Auction

number plate auction

Private Number Plate Auction 21st February 2018 Current number plate auctions run every three months with an average of 1600 personalised numbers in each auction. Reserve prices are set low with some starting at just £250. There are 1250 reg

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  • 30th Jan, 2018

Buy a Private Number Plate as a Special Gift

number plate gifts

What do you buy for the person who has everything? Or for the person who loves something a little different, a little bold or a little glamorous? Some people are just inexplicably difficult to buy for – you trek round

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  • 19th Sep, 2016

Find Out How Private Number Plates Are Valued

celebrity number plate owners

Valuing private car number plates can be an art as much as a science. You can’t just type in the letters and numbers to a software programme, input some variables, and get a reliable valuation out of the other end.

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  • 19th Sep, 2016

Urgently Wanted – Single ‘C’ Registration

We have cash waiting for any single number letter C registration plate. Also we would consider a double digit with consecutive numbers ie 22 C, 33 C etc. Contact Jon in the office on 01482 627628.

  • 31st Aug, 2010

Number plate finder 1 CON

Does anyone know the where abouts of registration mark 1 CON? it was for sale in about 2005 and we have a client looking to purchase. Any information please to

  • 4th Feb, 2010