The Most Expensive Number Plates in the World

number 1 number plate UAE

For the ultra-wealthy, a personalised number plate is more than just a way to identify their car. It’s a status symbol, an investment, and sometimes, a charitable endeavour.

The following list ranks the 10 most expensive number plates in the world, based on their official sale price:

  1. Dubai “P7” – $15 million (2023)
  2. Abu Dhabi “5-1” – $14.5 million (2008)
  3. Dubai “AA-9” – $10 million (2021)
  4. Dubai “D-5” – $9.6 million (2016)
  5. Dubai “AA-8” – $9.5 million (2021)
  6. Abu Dhabi “5-5” – $6.86 million (2007)
  7. Abu Dhabi “2-2” – $6.3 million (2022)
  8. Dubai “0-9” – $5.7 million (2015)
  9. Abu Dhabi “7” – $3.9 million (2010)
  10. Dubai “9” – $2.8 million (2008)

It is worth noting that many of these reg plates have been sold more than once, and their prices can fluctuate depending on the market. For example, the Abu Dhabi “7” plate was sold for $3.6 million in 2009, after being sold for $3.9 million in 2010.

What makes these personalised number plates so expensive? There are a few factors. For one, many of them are single-digit or two-digit plates, which are extremely rare and coveted in the world of personalised regplates. They often signify a vehicle’s historical or cultural significance.

Another factor is that the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where many of these reg plates are sold, has a number of wealthy individuals who are willing to pay top dollar for status symbols. The UAE is also a major financial centre, and many wealthy people from around the world have homes and businesses in the country.

Finally, many of these private plates are sold at charity auctions, which drives up the prices. For example, the proceeds from the sale of the Dubai “P7” regplate will go to the One Billion Meals Endowment, a global food aid initiative.

Overall, the most expensive cherished number plates in the world are a reflection of the wealth and status of the people who buy them. They are also a reminder of the power of charity, as many of these plates are sold to raise money for good causes.