Historic AJ 1 Number Plate Sells For £243,000 At Auction

AJ 1 Number plate offered at auction

The AJ 1 number plate was first used in 1907 by the chief constable of the then North Riding Constabulary, Maj Sir Robert Bowyer.

It has continued to be used by the North Yorkshire force for a century.

The sale was approved by the county’s police, fire and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan in agreement with the current chief constable.

“The historical link of the AJ 1 registration is important to North Yorkshire,” she said.

The plate is no longer in use and North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan and Chief Constable Lisa Winward have agreed to sell the AJ 1 number plate commercially with the money raised invested in two projects.

The first will be to support work improving the memorial garden at the police headquarters in Northallerton.

The second project would be to invest in community road safety with a new ‘AJ 1 Project’ fund.

Parish Councils and community organisations will be invited to submit bids for small road safety projects and schemes funded by the new fund will be asked to display a replica AJ 1 number plate sign with information on how it was funded.

Ms Mulligan said: “North Yorkshire residents tell me they want to ensure as much investment as possible goes into making them safe and feel safe.

“The historical link of the AJ 1 registration plate is important to North Yorkshire, but the plate is worth a considerable amount of money, which I believe could be better spent.”

AJ 1 Personalised number plate at auction
Copyright North Yorkshire Police

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