February 2018 Personalised Number Plate Auction

number plate auction

Private Number Plate Auction 21st February 2018

Current number plate auctions run every three months with an average of 1600 personalised numbers in each auction. Reserve prices are set low with some starting at just £250.

There are 1250 reg plates available which have never previously been released.

We can bid on your behalf for your chosen personalised number plate upto a pre-arranged figure based on actual market values, avoiding the pitfalls of ‘auction fever’ and paying too much. Our dedicated auction staff will give you guidance on pricing based on recent sales and what the current availability and demand is for the individual personalised number plate. Many of our clients buy from us at auction as investments. In this case regplates can offer a full advertising and resale package including the handling of all relevant paperwork.

View the full list here: