Over £22 Million Spent On Number Plates At DVLA Auctions in 2015

DVLA Number Plate Auctions

Krishna, the Hindu God helped make 2015 a record breaking year for personalised car reg plate sales which totaled £22 million in sales.

The plate KR15 HNA was the top seller making a staggering £233,360.

The DVLA held five auctions over the past 12 months each raising over £4 million.

Cheltenham’s November sale was the top earner with over £5 million of personalised reg plates sold over three days, the first time a sale has topped the £5 million level.

Adam Griffiths at the DVLA said: “While we were again hopeful for another successful year, no one predicted it would be a record-breaking one for the Agency. Plans are already well under way to ensure our success continues with our programme for 2016, which will get underway at the Tankersley Manor Hotel in South Yorkshire in February. Incredibly, we have already received instant interest from motorists in some of the registrations being featured there.”

Top 10 auction personalised reg plates of 2015

  1. KR15 HNA – £233,360
  2. 458 SA – £129,680
  3. KR15 HAN – £98,576
  4. 458 S – £90,800
  5. 50 O – £89,504
  6. 30 O – £80,432
  7. 488 S – 76,544
  8. 250 GT – £64,880
  9. 40 O – £53,864
  10. 51 UNT – £52,179

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