‘R’ Prefix Reg Plates To Be Released

The DVLA has announced that it will release the previously withheld ‘R’ plates in April 2015.

This will mean that approximately 150,000 new plates will be available to buyers.

From April 15 2015 thousands of ‘R’ prefix registrations will be made available. Buyers can purchase registrations online with plates starting at £250. The introduction of theses once withheld number plates will allow buyers the potential to own registrations such as R321 JON and R123 MAX and many more combinations.

regplates personalised number plates



‘R’ prefix number plates were made available initially in august 1997 with the ‘original’ range only encompassing numbers 1-20, multiples of ten and repeated numbers. The new release will allow numbers 21-31 and 3 digit combinations of 1, 2 and 3. Combinations can include any letter excluding I, Q and Z which means there are over 12,000 combinations, coupled with the 11 new number combinations means there will be up to 150,000 new plates available.

The DVLA is the organisation responsible for maintaining database of drivers and vehicles in Great Britain and is based in Swansea.

This comes with the news of making driving licenses paperless in June.

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