Why personalised number plates are good for van drivers

If you’re a tradesman, the chances are that you’ll either own a van or at least have one loaned to you by your employer. To convince any existing or potential clients that they should hire you, you’ll want your van to look the part. Everything about your van should be in good shape, from its engine and performance to the exterior. You might consider getting van insurance to protect against any damage, but when it comes to appearance, there are some things you can do to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

You might look at your van’s paintwork, or, like most tradesmen worth their salt, put your business name and contact details on the bonnet, side or back of the van. While they’re both important, to really help set your van apart from those of rival tradesmen, you could always buy a personalised number plate. To some people, they may seem flashy and unnecessarily expensive, but they can do a lot for your trade.

By having a personalised number plate for your van, you instantly gain recognition which other tradesmen who don’t have personalised plates won’t get. If you have a memorable number plate, customers who were satisfied with the job you did for them will remember it and get back in touch if they need another job doing.

As for what you could have on your number plate, you could have your business’s initials, your own initials, part of your postal address or a number relevant to your profession e.g. LDS 15 if your company is based in the eastern area of Leeds. One of the best things about having your own number plate is that you can be creative with what you have on it, and it’s not that expensive. you can buy personalised number plates for less than £1,000, which can easily be recouped if you get more business because of it.