Month: June 2012

Celebrity Number Plate Guide Now At!

If you are a number plate fan then you will love our new celebrity and famous number plate owner section at Lord Sugar star of ‘The Apprentice’ and hugely successful business man owns the registration AMS 1 which represents

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  • 19th Jun, 2012

New KHAN Personalised Number Plate At

Our latest stock number plate at is the superb KHA 17N. A must have item for any KHAN family member! This fantastic plate is on offer from priced at £12,500 and can be fast transferred onto your vehicle

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  • 11th Jun, 2012

Devil 666 Number Plate Banned

A personalised number plate containing 666 has been withdrawn to save causing offense. According to the agency’s rules, “a personal plate may not be designed if it causes offence or harm to anyone else.” “The number combination of 666 may

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  • 8th Jun, 2012