Personalised Number Plate Sales Boosted

Not even a high fees has deterred vehicle owners in the city from applying for personalised registration number plates, as evident by the number of applications in this regard.

Two years ago, the rate of private numbers was increased manifold, but their demand has remained intact. An official working with Regional Transport Office (RTO), Bangalore, said the demand for personalised number plates had decreased only for a short while after the rates were increased. The official said now they were flooded with applications for these numbers, notwithstanding the high cost.

The transport commissioner’s office is receiving a big rush of applications from general public seeking fancy numbers of their choice for their vehicles. There is more demand for single digit number from 1 to 9 and repetitive numbers like 1111, 2222, 3434, 6767 and so on.

When the rate of fancy numbers was revised two years ago, the transport department was earning Rs10 crore by selling them. It was estimated that once the revised cost came into effect, the department would earn about Rs30 crore by selling fancy numbers.