Personalised Number Plate Auctions Worldwide Popularity

With the next DVLA auction of personalised cherished number plates fast approaching, March sees another 1500 cherished and interesting personalised number plates available to purchase.

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personalised number plates auction march 2012

The personalsied number plate auction will be held in Leeds on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd March 2012. Contact us now on 01482 627 628 for more information or visit our website at

The interest in number plates is not just a UK thing however, auction fever seems to be sweeping the world!

From now on, if we you wish your car to sport a swanky number plate that reads 111, 999 or lucky 7777 or if you wish to play with numbers and alphabets to make it read ‘cool,’ ‘great,’ ‘peanuts,’ or ‘sunshine,’ you would have to fight it out in an auction. The state transport department has decided to auction all VVIP registration numbers via an online system instead of manual allocation of numbers by officials in the state department. The move will also scrap the existing norm of fixed rates for the ‘hot’ or ‘special’ numbers.

“The price for a special or VVIP number plate is currently fixed. We want to change the system and allocate these numbers through auctioning.” Mr Gulabrai Deokar minister of state for transport said.


“Just as one books an e-railway ticket, a person interested in acquiring high-profile numbers can visit the transport department’s website, which will display the numbers available. After selecting one of the available numbers, he or she can pay online and block that number.” Deokar further added. However, to ensure that agents do not misuse the system, the minister has said that these blocked numbers will not be transferrable.

The state transport has collected Rs 35.9 crore in 2009-10 through the sale of such fancy numbers and the department believes that the revenue collection will be much higher if the auctioning system in introduced. Sharad Misra, former advisor, Planning Commission of India said, “Auctioning makes sense without burdening the taxpayer, the funds can be used to upgrade the department.” A senior transport department official said, “People who buy expensive vehicles, especially cars costing Rs 15-20 lakh, can easily afford to pay two or three lakh more for buying a number plate they crave. ”

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