VIP Number Plates For Cricket Fans

It’s unbelievable how many people like to would rather have a special registration number for their vehicle. So, what if you can’t find the babu whose palms you need to grease, now, you can get past that babudom by turning to touts at the transport department’s headquarters in central Delhi for a special car number plate. Why this country is so fascinated by Very Important person’s (VIPs), and what is it that they do to get such a title is never clear considering politicians aren’t our favorite people often involved in multiple scams, but that’s another story.

85 OO Personalised Registration Number Plate

At Rs. 1 lakh, a VIP registration number for your car is what those who look at it as a boost to their social status can acquire. No hanky panky, and you get your number in 4 days. These numbers include those between 1 and 100, as well as, 786. While VIP numbers are usually reserved for officials, a fee ensures it’s anybody’s for the taking. The statute reads, ‘VIP numbers from 001 to 100 and 0786 are reserved for MPs, MLAs and senior officers.’

Other four digit fancy numbers like 1111, and 1000 are issued by the minister of transport office. While many throng the office accompanied with reference letters from politicians, the other option is to talk to a tout. Of course both methods of acquiring a VIP registration number for your car are strange to begin with but recommendation letters are not hard to come by. Price quotes vary depending on number requested. Single digit VIP registration numbers go for a lakh, while 4 digit numbers in the list can be purchased for Rs. 25000.

A tout went on to say that a certain part of the money paid towards securing a special number was pocketed by officials in charge. In October 2009, the Delhi government introduced a policy that would limit VIP registration numbers only for select VIPs and officials. This includes parliamentarians, legislators, judges, and secretary level officials. Such Very Important person’s (VIPs) can issue a recommendation letter for acquaintances. This is where the liiphole shines broght, and touts step in to make a quick buck.