Personalised Number Plates For Rickshaws!

The rickshaws fitted with scooter engines used to move freight – may start having number plates, if this Government proposal were to be implemented.

personalised number plates

Jugaads are tricycles, usually fitted with scooter engines and cost about Rs 20,000.

They can handle up to 400 kg of weight and are used by the unorganised sector.

The Road Transport and Highways Ministry is considering such a move to improve safety for implementation during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.


There are many vehicles – including tractors for agricultural use – that ply on roads and are outside the ambit of registration.

Transport experts question the idea, though. “Prima facie, this could mean legalising something that is illegal,” says Mr S.P. Singh, Senior Fellow, at transport research body Indian Foundation of Transport Research and Training (IFTRT).

There is no official data on the population of such vehicles in the country.

No action can be taken on such vehicles (jugaads) when they are involved in accidents as they do not have any number plates.

So, these vehicles could be brought under the registration regime and driving licences be issued to the drivers.