Personalised Registration Number Plates Rates Approved

Ministry of Interior of Uzbekistan approved payment rates, which are collected at issuing state registration numbers and letterheads of accounting, for state registration and re-registration, conducting technical inspection of automobiles and their trailers, as well as for driving license exams.

The rates of payments for issuing state registration number plates (RNP) for vehicles is set at the size of 1.5 minimal size of salary (MSS) in Uzbekistan, for motorcycle transport, scooters and trailers – 75% of MSS and transit number plates – 25% of MSS. Currently, the MSS in Uzbekistan is 62,920 soums.

For issuing new RNP for lost one, the driver should pay three size of MSS and lost old number place – 2 size of MSS. For keeping number plate of the automobile, the drivers will have to pay 50% of registration fee.

The document said that people with disabilities, in line with preferences of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, will not pay any sum for automobile number plates.

The rate of payment for issuing certificate-invoice for sale of automobile and their trailers and the registration and re-registration of automobiles and their trailers makes up 10% of MSS.

The size of payment for issuing certificate for registration of automobile is 20% of MSS. The issuing of copy of certificate will cost five size of payment.

The car owners will have to pay 10% of MSS for mandatory technical inspection of transport and 5% of motorcycle transport and their trailers.

Interior Ministry approved the size of payments, levied for participating at driving license exams and issuing driving licenses. The size of payment for participation of theoretical exam for driving license set at 10% of MSS and for each re-exam – 15% of MSS.

The payment size for issuing driving license makes up 20% of MSS and warnings coupon – 10% of MSS. Foreign citizens, people without citizenship and employees of diplomatic corps will have to pay three sizes of MSS to receive driving license and warnings coupon.

The ministry said that one should have to pay five sizes of MSS to receive copy of driving license or warnings coupon if they are lost.