Cherished Number Plates To Carry Victorian Logo

“The place to be” is a slogan that has been a feature of Victorian number plates for many years, an uplifting message for proud Victorians, but its days are numbered.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu thinks it is time for a change, and time to replace the current slogan with one or more road safety messages.

Premier Baillieu announced the change while addressing the Liberal Party State Council in Bendigo, and confirmed that the new safety message would only be selected after extensive public consultation.

“What better place to reinforce road safety messages than on number plates,” Mr Baillieu said.

It is not known at this stage if there will be just the one safety slogan, or a variety of different slogans that target some of the many road safety issues, like speeding, driving under the influence or using a mobile phone while driving.

It is believed the government’s preferred option is one well thought out message, as it will be more cost effective.

Road safety experts have been quick to applaud the change, but admit that the effect on the road toll will at best be negligible with only a very small impact on driver behaviour expected.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Mark Stevenson, director of Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, confirmed that he was in favour of the plan, but said it would be impossible to quantify the benefits.