How To Display Your Number plate

n accordance with the Regional Transport Officer, Kohima “order No. RTA/K/2/88/1020-25 dated 06/07/10″ and Sec 50 of Central Motor vehicles rules 1989”, the writing of vehicles’ number plate shall be as under: –

(a)    In the case of commercial vehicles, it shall be in black colour on yellow background and
(b)    All other vehicles shall be black colour on white background.
(c)    The number plates should be displayed both in the front as well as back of the vehicles.
The above mention norms will strictly implemented from May 1, 2011 and violators will be penalized under appropriate section of MV Act 1988, informed Deputy Superintendent of Police (T), Melite Kapfo in a press note.
Further, the Deputy Superintendent of Police (T) in the note said that it is observed that “public roads are used as playground” in various localities in and around Kohima town.
“Roads are meant for vehicles and not for playing games. Such activities on roads may lead to road accidents resulting in serious injuries or even fatality. Hence, all the general public are informed that playing football, cricket or any other games on road is strictly prohibited and are appealed to abide by the law,” he said.