Themed Number Plates To Be Released

Last fall, the state of Illinois began selling Chicago Blackhawks themed specialty license plates, with Blackhawks colors and the famed Indian head logo.

Starting tomorrow, the state will do the same for the Cubs. For a $69 fee (on top of whatever your regular state license plate fee is), you’ll get a similar-looking plate to the Blackhawks plate, except with Cubs colors and logos. Proceeds from this sale benefit Illinois schools.

The Sun-Times reports that this is particularly meaningful for Secretary of State Jesse White:

The Cubs plates hold a special meaning for Secretary of State ­Jesse White. He once played for a Cubs minor-league affiliate.

True. White was a speedy outfielder for five years in the Cubs’ minor league system in the 1960s; he stole around 30 bases a year, was rarely caught stealing, and rarely struck out. He played two years in Triple-A with Salt Lake City, then the Cubs’ affiliate, but never got even a cuppa coffee callup.