ELVIS Numberplate For Sale – Memphis!

For the second time, the Regional Medical Center in Memphis is selling an Elvis Presley license plate to benefit the hospital’s trauma training center.

The MED Foundation has joined forces with Elvis Presley Enterprises to offer a $19.95 souvenir license plate through the foundation’s online store, the Memphis Daily News reported.

After manufacturing costs, all the proceeds will benefit the regional hospital’s new Trauma Training and On-Call Center, scheduled to open at an undetermined date in December.

Funds from the souvenir plates will help provide sleeping quarters for surgeons and cover the cost of a conference room at the new center. The room will have projectors and flat-screen televisions where doctors can educate residents on new procedures.

The room also will serve as a confidential meeting area for staff to review patient information.

It is the second time the foundation has offered an Elvis license plate, but the rules were different the first time around.

The first Elvis plate was sold in 2005 as an authentic license plate. It generated hundreds of phone calls from as far as Germany and Japan, but it was only available to licensed Tennessee drivers.

The souvenir plate is available to anyone who wants to purchase it through the foundation’s online store.

“We realized there was obviously a demand for something similar to the authentic plate for fans worldwide,” said Tammie Ritchey, executive director of The MED Foundation.

The authentic Elvis plates raised more than $100,000 for the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center, the only level-one trauma center in a 150-mile radius. The funds were used to purchase equipment and train staff.