Intelligent Number Plate Solutions

The Department of Roads and Transport (DRT) says a lack of competition is the reason for the delay of the intelligent number plates (INP) project.

This comes after the department initially said none of the proposed technology for intelligent number plates had met its standards and this was the reason for the latest deadline being missed.

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Now, Gauteng transport MEC Bheki Nkosi says the department is concerned there was only one suitable supplier for both the tags and the card verification code service and this would have resulted in uncompetitive pricing.


Nkosi says that, in line with the October deadline that was set for the roll-out of the project, the department established project governance structures and reconstituted the project team to fast-track implementation.

“We went out on tender and the results indicated there are a number of risks that are likely to affect the roll-out as envisaged.”

He adds that competition was seen as one of the risks and affected the deadline.

In a quarterly media briefing statement, Nkosi said proposals were submitted by prospective service providers, but none met the standards and specifications of the intelligent aspects of the project that were set out by the project team.