Dubai Numberplates To Be Auctioned

he Licensing Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority is preparing to auction off distinguished number plates.

The plates in categories I and J are in high demand and will be auctioned online.

The next auction will start on Wednesday and will run for seven days. It will be operated by the Roads and Transport Authority’s website.

A spokesman said the Roads and Transport Authority expects to auction off 400 plates in each category.

“All interested clients can buy distinguished vehicle licensing plates in a highly transparent and equitable platform via the online auctioning system,” Director of Vehicle Licensing for the RTA, Mohammad Abdul Kareem Nimaat said.

“The system requires customers to be pre-registered through the RTA website before moving on to licensing services web page,” Nimaat said.

“In order to benefit from the service of the online number plates auction, customers have to have traffic files opened in Dubai Emirate. Each potential bidder is also required to deposit Dh5,000 as a refundable deposit through the portal or Deira Licensing Centre via a cheque in the name of the RTA.