Number Plates Make Money!

MANZINI- Pakani employees based at the Manzini Police Regional Headquarters are making money out of vehicle owners going there for the renewal of car licence discs.

Pakani is a project managed by Interllipark LM (PTY) Ltd.

The police headquarters has revenue offices that issue car licence discs for the new number plates. One of Pakani employees, Sipho Mthombo said he makes up to E20 in seven hours these days as people found themselves stuck at the offices for longer hours. This money is from one person as they charge E2.50 an hour for the parking.

While Pakani employees are making a lot of money from the owners of the vehicles, business owners are complaining that their customer’s parking is being ‘hijacked’ by people there for the registration of vehicles.

“These cars are inconveniencing our businesses, every day we have to go through the stress of requesting people to move their cars, most of the time it is the people who go next door to register vehicles. Where should our customers park? and to make things worse, sometimes I cannot even park at my own business,” Joey Botes, Midas Managing Director said.

She said most of the people who leave their cars at her business parking bay were rude and at times insultive.

“I had to go through the process of hiring a guard who monitors all the cars that come in here and at one point, he was almost attacked by an Indian national with a bushknife because he had parked at our premises when he was destined for the registration place,” Botes said.

She requested the Municipal Council to solve the parking problem by either moving the registration place to a better place or sorting out the parking conditions at the headquarters.