DMV Registration Plate Sticker Changes

If you live in Connecticut, the next time you peel and scrape that registration sticker off your windshield will likely be the last.

Starting Aug. 1, motor vehicle registration stickers in the state could be moot, thanks to a decision by state lawmakers earlier this year.

In 2006, the Department of Motor Vehicles responded to numerous thefts by switching the placement of registration stickers from rear license plates to inside windshields. Soon, in what some say is a cost-saving measure, the department plans not to issue stickers at all, according to a notice sent to police officials statewide.

Local police say that’s a bad deal for crime-fighting and road safety. The absence of registration stickers will make enforcement more difficult and add to the slew of unregistered, uninsured drivers in the state, they say.

In Stratford, a large number of the drivers stopped for operating unregistered vehicles are caught due to the stickers, color-coded by expiration year for easy detection, said police spokesman Capt. Kenneth Bakalar.

“You could just look at the car,” he said. “If you saw it out of date, then that justified a stop immediately.”

Bakalar said a lack of such indicators, especially in towns where the random running of license plate numbers is frowned upon, “will make it much easier for people to hide the fact that (a car) isn’t registered.”