Australian Bieber Number Plate Fan!

Aussie Mick says he’s not embarrassed to join the millions of teenage girls worldwide who adore the pop sensation – and he’s proud to have the plates on his motor because he’s a fan of Justin’s music.

Mick, who’s single and lives with three mates in Sydney, Australia, said: “I think Justin’s got bags of talent. Why shouldn’t I like his music?

“OK I’m not female and 16 but so what?”

“I heard some of his music on the radio a few months ago and loved it.

“My mates think I’m mad but I’m not bothered. “I’m the number-one Bieber fan in Australia and proud if it.

“My favorite song is ‘Up”.

“I’ve downloaded everything I could of his from iTunes.

“I also like Roy Orbison, Elvis, Billy Joel and The Beatles, Justin’s not all I listen too.”

Talking about getting the AUD$400 registration plate, he added: “I was thinking about getting a personalized plat for my car, so I was online looking for what was available and I was amazed to see ‘Bieber’ come up.

“I thought some teenage girl here in Australia would have snapped that up a long time ago.

“It struck me that it has to be a great collector’s item, so I ordered it straight away.”

Mick fitted the plates to his white Holden Cruze on Friday (May 28) so he hasn’t had much time to see what people’s reactions are.

“I’m sure I’ll get a few stares but I don’t mind.

“If I stand out in the crowd then so be it.