USA Reg Plate Stories

It might take a lot to be number one in any sphere. But the Punjabi spirit of making it to the top by any means — including by paying millions of rupees — has paid off for one man, who now has “number one” on his luxury vehicle’s number plate.

Chandigarh resident Narinder Singh Shergill is the first man in the region to pay more than one million rupees (Dh78,295) for the vehicle registration number of his choice — 0001.

Shergill’s adventure in picking up the expensive number at an auction here last week may have earned a rebuke from his wife but the proud owner of the CH-01AC-0001 number plate said he had no regrets.

“My wife did get angry when I went home after buying the number at the auction,” Shergill who is an agriculturist now dealing in real estate said.

“I always wanted that number and for something that you really desire, the price does not remain important.”